Good Hygiene or Phobia

If you find that you have a very difficult time accepting food that you didn’t prepare, you feel like you need to wash yourself and the things around you often, and you refuse to visit places like buses or hospitals because you think they have too many germs you likely suffer from what is known as mysophobia. This is a specific type of fear of germs and contamination. This is more than just good hygiene practices. This is an obsessive disorder that can greatly affect the way that you live your life. Many of these people will refuse going to social gatherings, eat out at public places, take a trip to visit a friend at the hospital, and other alike things because of their phobia condition.

Fear of Being Watched

The fear of being watched is referred to as scopophobia. This is more than just a simple one-off fear. It is a persistent fear that is present over six months total. This phobia is associated with a pathological fear of drawing attention to oneself. It’s obvious that when we step outside of the house we are put in the public eye. It’s not that everyone is stopping to stare at you, but they may steal a glance every now and then. For people with scopophobia, they believe that every one outside is waiting to stare at them the second they step outside of the house.

Understanding Fibrositis

Fibrositis, also known as fibromyalgia, is a chronic condition that shows widespread muscular pain. This is typically accompanied by sleep issues, memory problems, mood swings, and chronic fatigue. Researchers are starting to investigate if painful sensations are affecting the way your brain processes pain as a likely cause of this condition.

The symptoms of fibrositis are common to begin after a physical trauma, infection, significant stress, or infection. In some cases, symptoms will gradually accumulate over time with no single trigger event.

Women are more likely to develop this condition than men. Most tend to have tension headaches, TMJ disorders, anxiety, depression, and irritable bowel syndrome. Right now there is no known cure for fibromyalgia but there are a variety of medications and other holistic methods to control your symptoms. You can learn more about this condition by visiting

What Are Anxiety Attacks?

Anxiety attacks happen to all kinds of different people. They tend to strike out of the blue and can cause immense anxiety that overtakes their body. This is considered an anxiety disorder that is fully treatable, so don’t worry if you are experiencing them. The best course of action that any panic attack suffer can take is to understand what happens during anxiety episodes.

By understanding the body’s process you can better take hold of what it is doing and change the way your brain reacts. Most people try to find the reason for their attack instead of looking at what happened during it. We promise you that understanding what takes place during these panic attacks will help you better work through them in the future. Avoidance is not the key here, but understanding is.

Should I Treat My Flat Facial Warts?

Deciding whether to use a treatment option for you warts or not is solely up to you. If they are not increasing in size or number you should be alright with just letting them run their course.

However, if you see them grow and multiply, especially if the cause you irritation, it’s time to look for a cure. You should immediately skin over the notion of using liquid nitrogen or any sort of electrocoagulation. As these are very unsafe to use on the facial skin.

The facial skin is very thin and removing these warts is invasive. You don’t want to leave any noticeable scars that you will be stuck with for life.

Flat Warts treatment can be done with a natural cure like Celandine. To use this simply smear on the juice, usually a yellow hue, onto the surface of the wart infection. Do this twice every single day until the wart disappears form the skin.

Garlic is another popular home remedy that has amazing anti-viral and anti-inflammatory traits that make it great for ridding the body of warts. There are a few different ways you can apply this cure. The most simple is to rub a garlic glove on the wart so that you get the juice from inside it on the head of the infection. You should do this just prior to going to bed.